1 Sept - 27 Nov 2017 | Sonic Soundings / Venice Trajectories by Lynn Lu


A project curated by Erika Tan, with contributions by Larry Achiampong / Song-Ming Ang / Barby Asante / Chi Bagtas / Yason Banal / Libita Clayton & Benjamin One / Lizza May David / Kimathi Donkor / bani haykal / Annie Jael Kwan & Lynn Lu / Anthony Lam / susan pui san lok / Adam Patterson / Geetanjali Sayal & Juhi Saklani & Anshul Kapoor / Sunil Shah / Michael Taiwo / Tintin Wulia / Abbas Zahedi

Sonic Soundings is conceived of as a form of intervention, or sonic counterpart to the 57th Venice Biennale. Initiated and curated by the artist Erika Tan, the metaphor of nautical or navigational charting where a sonic signal is released in anticipation of an echo is used to invite a series of responses from artists and curators to (re)map the  Biennale through fluid encounters, borderless connections and archipelagic thinking. The project frames the National Pavilions and associated and unassociated projects as a constellation of islands, whose connections, both visible and under the radar, can be articulated as sonic soundings reverberating in the alleyways, canals, campi, palazzi and pavilions. Whether diasporic, anti-state, trans-national, interpersonal, or inter-galactic these sonic objects seeded across Venice, echo and reverberate, attempting interventions into art world spheres, gated routes, daily life, and the physicality and geography of Venice.
The artists and curators involved come from a range of locations in Europe and Asia and their projects reflect both this and their diverse approach and relationships to Venice, the biennale, the current crisis in Europe over borders and citizenship, but also to the medium of sound. The works produced take form as sonic soundscapes, audio walking guides, narrative encounters, acoustic interventions, or reminders of the ability of sound to both permeate as well as articulate space, interpretive processes and redefine meaning and representation.

The project is curated by Erika Tan, with design and technical support by Benjamin Chan & Malone Chen, and copy editing support by Sara Ng.
The project is supported by Central Saint Martins UAL, and Creative Unions. Creative Unions is an initiative of Central Saint Martins and the other Colleges of University of the Arts London bringing together events, actions, and voices to demonstrate that creativity must operate across borders – geographical, social and disciplinary.
Sonic Soundings / Venice Trajectories is a geo-locational sound tour and is experienced in Venice via ECHOES a free app downloaded onto listeners’ smart-phones.


28-29 October 2017 | BLOOD: Uncut for Science Gallery London by Lynn Lu


In collaboration with Dr Carmine Pariante (Professor of Biological Psychiatry and Head of the Stress, Psychiatry and Immunology Lab & Perinatal Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience) at King’s College London, we will present a durational interactive performance entitled For of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, "it might have been". Curated by Science Gallery London for BLOOD: Life Uncut.

Saturday 28th + Sunday 29th Oct: 1–6pm

Copeland Gallery @ 133 Copeland Road, London SE15 3SN

This is a one-to-one performance in which blood is metaphorically exchanged, alongside a sound installation with accumulating wall text. It is organised by Stress, Psychiatry and Immunology Lab - SPI Lab together with Science Gallery London and artist Lynn Charlotte Lu for the Becoming Blood Weekender.

Visitors will be asked to share a personal regret – a recurring theme plaguing depressed patients – which Lynn will transcribe on parchment. She then invites participants to prick their own finger and place a drop of blood in a petri dish. In exchange, Lynn offers them a shot of anti-inflammatory beet juice. As petri dishes accumulate, filling with blood “inflamed” with lament, vials of detoxifying beetroot empty one by one. Nearby, small speakers murmur layered verses of ‘what might have been’, with text contributions from poet Francis Byrne. This wall gradually fills with sheets of anonymous regrets collected from the performance participants.




9 June 2017 | MAP 1: WATERWAYS at the Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina; Venice by Lynn Lu

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On 9 June 2017 - as part of the MAP1: WATERWAYS - I will perform Be afraid only of standing still alongside Boedi Widjaja, Libita Clayton, and Paul Maheke.

MAP 1: WATERWAYS is a public live art programme that connects diasporic notions across Singapore, UK and Italy. Conceived by curator Annie Jael Kwan in collaboration with Something Human. WATERWAYS is presented in collaboration with Beyond the Frame, a project led by International Curators Forum (ICF) and University of the Arts London (UAL) alongside the Diaspora Pavilion exhibition, curated by David A. Bailey and Jessica Taylor, that is currently installed at Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina in Venice from 13 May – 26 November 2017.



Photo credit: Annie Kwan. Part of MAP1: Waterways curated by Something Human.