23 June 2018 | Border STEW: De-colon-ising Art and Learning / by Lynn Lu


Date: 23 June 2018, Saturday
Time: 5.00-7.00pm
Venue: Livestock at MART, 190 Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin 6, Ireland

An experimental Long Table where discourse is the main course: the heat is turned up with border anxieties, environmental decline and increasing conflict, how can art and education cook up a future world?

Together, we marinade ideas and insights from around the world.

We partake and digest intercultural and intersectional discourse.

In this critical time, more than ever, exchange across borders is necessary.

Co-hosted by Something Human in collaboration with Livestock, with Dr Alice Feldman, Jesse Jones, Dr Helena Lim, Dr Glenn Loughran, Lynn Lu, Katherine Nolan, Julieann O'Malley, Paul Moore, Eleanor Phillips and Sau Bin Yap

Hope to see you there!

Part of Something Human's 2018-2019 Rolling Stock programme.