9 March 2019 | Oxytocin: Mothering the World / by Lynn Lu


Date: Saturday 9 March, 2019
Venue: King's College London - Guy's Campus, SE1 1UL London

I will be performing a variation of Tend from noon-2.30pm, location tba.

For the Oxytocin's second edition, Procreate Project enters into a partnership with Birth Rites collection located at Guy’s Campus, King’s College London, to deliver a performance programme responding to a curatorial theme questioning iconography, cultural connotations and stereotypes associated with the word ‘Mother/Mothering’ and how they effect as well LGBTQIA families.

This year’s curatorial approach will look to unpick urgent issues that are still hardly discussed and represented in public contexts. These include; gender and rights in reproductive and maternal health and reflections around the use of the word 'Mother' and its historical connotations. This will be initiated through an essential artistic dialogue between artists reclaiming this word and their role as ‘mothers’ in their art practises and public lives, and LGBTQIA parents who have refused to be recognised in those terms and pushing for other ways of self identification, expression and care.

The symposium panels will host academics, health professionals and artists examining these subjects as well as start a discussion about sensitivity to the the LGBTQIA and non binary parents, research about gay and lesbian parents experiences of maternity services and also surrogacy. In addition we will look at issues for new mothers in how they find ‘motherhood’ framed as an institution and media narratives.

The artistic programme will re-stage existing performances in and around Guys Campus responding to the curatorial theme and premier three newly commissioned works. Full programme, artists and project's information will be announced soon.

Visit www.oxytocinbirthingtheworld.co.uk to check last's edition speakers and performing artists.

For any enquiries please contact events@procreateproject.com

*** Children are very welcome and must be supervised by their parents/carers. There will be an area with toys and materials for children to use and engage with. Further details to be announced in due course.